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Tennessee; African Americans--Appalachian Region; African Americans--Southern States; African American heritage; African American Education--Hawkins County--Rogersville; Education--Historically Black Colleges and Universities; African American--Oral Histories--Segregation; HBCU--Swift Memorial Institute


Materials Associated with the late HBCU (Historically Black College and University), primary and high school, Swift Memorial Institute that operated in Rogersville, Tennessee from 1883 to 1954.


Black in Appalachia


Black in Appalachia


University of Tennessee, Swift Museum, William Isom II


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United States--Tennessee--Hawkins County--Rogersville

Collection Items

Swift College Catalogue, 1900-1901
College Catalogue from late Historically Black College, Swift Memorial Institute once located in Rogersville, Tennessee and operated by the Presbyterian Church from 1883 to 1954.
Names included in this document:
William H. Franklin,…

Swift Memorial Institute: Interview Transcriptions
Transcribed interviews with Swift Memorial Institute Alumni & Scholars on the founding & development of Black higher education in Rogersville, Tennessee and across the state of Tennessee.
Interviewees include:
Betty Watterson-Fugate, Dr. Bobby…
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