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Negro Women's Civic Club


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Materials from Greeneville's Negro Women's Civic Club, including rosters, newspaper articles, and annual reports; 1950-1998


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Negro Women's Civic Club


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Collection Items

Negro Women's Civic Club - Founders and Roster 1950
A printed document detailing the Negro Women's Civic Club founders and roster in June 1950. Also lists the club's motto, flower, and song.

Miss Ebony Pageant Winners 1988
A Greeneville Sun article on the Miss Ebony Pageant Winners for 1988. The article lists each participant and her placement in the competition.

Negro Woman's Civic Club 1975
Part of a news article about the Negro Women's Civic Club. The article lists the activities of the club, including working with the Lioness Club and participating in the March of Dimes.

Negro Women's Civic Club 1977
A Greeneville Sun article that reviews some of the history of the Negro Women's Civic Club and it's accomplishments over the years. The article also names the present members of the club.

The Growing Family of Greene's Women's Clubs: They Take the Time To Do Ten Thousand Tasks 1973
The first of two sections of a Greeneville Sun news article. The article discusses the different women's clubs of Greeneville and Greene County, dividing them into four categories of professional clubs, civic and service clubs, "sister" clubs to…

Negro Womens Club Project Concern 1975
A news article that describes a meeting of the Greeneville Jaycettes. Mentions Project Concern and a planned event called a "Walk for Mankind." Mrs. Florence Jones, a member of the Negro Women's Civic Club, was present for the meeting.

Negro Womens Civic Club List of Officers 1966
A handwritten document that lists out the offices of the Civic Club, with multiple names listed under each office. Some names have "x" marked next to them.

The Negro Women's Civic Club's Annual Report
A typed document. The report describes the Club's events and fundraisers of the past year, and names officers of the club for the following meeting.

6 Compete for Ms. Ebony Title August 7
A news article. The article details the time, place and other details of the upcoming competition, and provides information on each contestant.

Negro Women's Civic Club has Annual Luncheon
A Greeneville Sun article. This was the club's 53rd luncheon. The article names several attendees and the main events of the luncheon.
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