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Civic Groups--NAACP
Civic Groups--Negro Women's Civic Club
Soldiers--African American
Tennessee--Greene Co.
U.S. Presidents--Andrew Johnson


Variety of documents relating to the African American community in Greene Co., Tennessee including military records, newspaper articles on civic groups, and information on schools and integration; 1830-2015


Black in Appalachia




T. Elmer Cox Genealogical and Historical Library, Greeneville Public Libraries

Collection Items

Rheatown-Black People
A section from a book by Sue R. Thomas concerning the historic African American population of Rheatown, Tennessee. The section includes multiple illustrations of historic homes and structures.

Papers of Andrew Johnson From John P. Holtsinger
A letter from John P. Holtsinger to former President Andrew Johnson inquiring about the acquisition of a plot of land for some of the African American population of Greeneville.

Woodford Discharge Certificate
Two honorable discharge certificates for Roy Woodford for his service in the United States Infantry and the United States Army.

February 15, 1883
A news article reporting that, for the first time, an African American man, Thompson Clem, has been placed on a jury in a circuit court in Greene County.

Colored People Will Celebrate
A news notice about an upcoming 8th of August celebration.

1840 U.S. Census, Greene County, Tennessee- Free Negro Head of Household.
An 1840 Census report for Greene County concerning the names of African American heads of households and a list of their family members. Family members are not named.

Deed and Conveyance
A copy of a deed and conveyance of land from D.S. Susong and Edith Susong to Alex Manuel and Susan Manuel. From Book 88 of Greene County, Tennessee deeds.

Military Record
A military record for a man with "Cook" in his name.

Negro Heads of Families, 1830- Greene County, TN
Census information Greene County for African American heads of families in 1830, and for Sampson County, North Carolina in 1790. Also African American customer names from the Bright Hope Iron Furnace Store Ledger. The furnace was located in Greene…

Roy Woodford 1876-1936 10th Calvary Regiment A 'Buffalo Soldier' from Greeneville, Tennessee
A one page document concerning Roy Woodford's life and military service.
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