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Photo - Annie Weems.pdf
A photo of Annie Weems, a local Greene County woman that worked as a midwife and a cook for the Laughlin Hospital.

Photo - Cheerleaders .pdf
A photo of the cheerleaders at The George Clem School. From left to right: Mary Loretta Jones, Jeanetta Emma Crum, Treva Posey, Rose May Gaines, Mildred Anderson, Ella Dickson, Gloral

Photo - Boy Scouts 1948-1.pdf
A Greeneville Boy Scout troop photograph from 1948, and one of the first African American Boy Scout troops in the area.


Photo - Boxwood Manor Slave House - May 24 2008.pdf
A photo of the Boxwood Manor Slave House taken on May 24, 2008.

Photo - Annie Lucy Carter - Carnival Queen - Undated-1.pdf
Annie Lucy Carter pictured as the George Clem Carnival Queen. Carter won during her sophomore year of high school.

Item - Warrensburg Houston Chapel and Cemetery Narrative.pdf
A description of the Warrensburg Houston Chapel and Cemetery, which was founded in 1909.

Item - Greeneville College Event Program-Undated.pdf
An undated events program from Greeneville College High School.

Item - Greene County World War I Veterans.pdf
The names and images of Greeneville African-American men that served in World War I.

Item - Greene County Civil War Veterans.pdf
Names of Greeneville African American men who served in the Civil War.

Item - Greene County Buffalo Soldiers.pdf
The names of Greeneville African-American men that served in various wars.


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