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Benji Bellamy is selected as "Boy of the Year" by the Carter County Boys Club

A History of Black Education Elizabethton, Tennessee.pdf
A compiled history of Black educational efforts in Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Photograph of two women. 19th Century. Photo taken in Johnson City, TN at Cargille’s Art Gallery. One woman may be Fannie Stover’s sister.

Carter County Tax Receipt .pdf
Carter County Tax Receipt - George Gardner, May 31, 1929. Total valuation of property placed at $123.

A report card for Maynard Stover form Carter County Public Schools

man and child.pdf
Photograph of man and child. No known information or date; connected to Stover family.

Photograph of Robert F. Bass at Carter County Motors.

Photograph of Thomas “Sam” Bass Jr. "Sam" is the son of Thomas Bass Sr.

Obituary Memorial Service Booklet for Thomas “Sam” Bass Jr.

Photograph of Delegates at East Tennessee Conference of Methodist Churches.
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