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Group photograph from participants in the Reunion of the Ages, a non-profit focused on preserving and honoring former black educational institutions in the Morristown and Hamblen County areas,

Pineville School - Hamblen County Tennessee 1953.pdf
The 1953 yearbook for Pineville Consolidated School that once operated in Hamblen County, Tennessee.

The school was consolidated from the one room schools of Golda, Lowland and Pineville in 1939. In 1946, students from Russellville school were…

A letter from Kay Senter, City Councilman of Morristown, expressing support to secure funding for the Morristown African-American Museum project from the We Shall Overcome Fund.

A photo of a young woman using a microscope in a science classroom.

A photo of a professor and his students using microscopes in a science classroom.

A photo of women and a young man dissecting organisms and using a microscope in a science classroom.

A photo of young men and women seated at desks in front of a chalkboard in French class.

A photo featuring young men and women sitting at desks in a classroom.

A photo of a student in a lab.

The cover of a donor's booklet for Save Morristown College Fund featuring a penciled drawing of the main building on the campus of Morristown College from 1986. Donation information information found on the back cover.
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