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"In 1973, a furniture manufacturer bought Nelson-Merry from the East Tennessee Baptist Association and sought a zone change...."

"If recommendation by the Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission is approved by the city council, Nelson-Merry School will torn down except for the gym and former science area..."

"At one time, Nelson-Merry School was one of the finest schools in the area. Land for the school was purchased in 1890. The timbers for the first building were hewn from trees on the land. Since the early 1960's the school has not been used. After…

The Nelson-Merry School Property in Jefferson City, Tennessee is up for sale. The Jefferson County Board of Education will accept written proplas for the purchase of said property.

This newspaper article gives a history of how Nelson-Merry School came to be and what lies ahead for the future of the building now that it is no longer in use due educational integration.

Winners of various contests are announced. Featuring the photography winner, Jefferson City's Julia Taliaferro for a collage of Nelson Merry High School students.

Certificate of Award for Sylvia Sue Barnette, valedictorian Nelson-Merry Class of 1955 with free one year subscription to Reader's Digest. Folded front cover of Nelson-Merry Commencement Exercises pamphlet labeled 5/23/54. Black and white photographs…

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Julia Taliaferro is pictured with her Nelson-Merry history collection on the front page of the Standard Banner newspaper as an icon of Black History Month.

Standard Banner interviews Julia Taliaferro, leader of the fight to wear pants to school, before the Nelson-Merry History Celebration at Boyd's Chapel United Methodist Church the following Sunday. Taliaferro shares facts about the school and memories…

1950 and 1960 rosters for the football team and both the girls and boys basketball teams. Black and white pictures of teams, fans and coaches with some labels. One set of handwritten rosters for the girls and boys basketball teams with no date.…
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