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Greeneville 70 Years Ago.pdf
An article by J. B. Lyon, a highlighted part of which details the author's memories of the African American population of Greeneville.

Black Teachers in Greene County.pdf
A list of some of the African American teachers who taught school in Greene County "In The Early Part of the Years of 1900."


Colored Teachers Meeting Oct 5-6 (1).pdf
A Greeneville Sun news notice about an upcoming African American teachers meeting.


Fannye Jones Recounts Memories Before And Following Integration.pdf
A Greeneville Sun article about Fannye Jone's memories of school integration in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Local Black History Filled with Civic Minded Business Leaders.pdf
A Greeneville Sun article about Georgia Mae Farnsworth, Hannah Crum, and a variety of topics related to African American history in Greeneville.

Black, Woman Elected to County Court.pdf
A Greeneville Sun article about the election Isom Elder, likely the first black magistrate to the county court.


Negro Groups Work Towards a Better Greeneville.pdf
A Greeneville Sun article by Georgie Mae Farnsworth. Provides histories of various African American churches, the George Clem School, and the Negro Women's Civic Club.

Negro Experience in Greene County Newspaper Series.pdf
A special series of articles in the Greeneville Sun on African American history in Greene County, written by Jack Carson Jr. in 1969. The first article gives details on Carson's background and education. The other articles address a range of topics…

Burying Ground, Graveyard, and Cemetary Locator.pdf
Part of a burying ground, graveyard, and cemetary locator for African American cemeteries in Greene County, Tennessee.


Major Role of Negro Women's Civic Club is Cited.pdf
A letter to the editor of the Greeneville Sun by Mary Brownlow speaking to a need for more city-wide recognition of black history and the contributions of the Negro Women's Civic Club.
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