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Standard Banner interviews Julia Taliaferro, leader of the fight to wear pants to school, before the Nelson-Merry History Celebration at Boyd's Chapel United Methodist Church the following Sunday. Taliaferro shares facts about the school and memories…

1950 and 1960 rosters for the football team and both the girls and boys basketball teams. Black and white pictures of teams, fans and coaches with some labels. One set of handwritten rosters for the girls and boys basketball teams with no date.…

Standard Banner coverage of the 2011 Black History Month celebration at Boyd's Chapel United Methodist Church. Joan Simon Hendricks and Claudia Haskins are pictured with a Nelson-Merry school memory board created by Julia Taliaferro. The celebration…

Unidentified porter photographed in front of freight cargo at the train station in Jefferson City, Tenn.

Directory of Martha Davis Baptist Church Service

Catherine Moulden of Jefferson City, Tennessee shares her recipe for Pound Cake and recounts the impact cooking has has on her from childhood and onwards into her adult life.

Genealogy research being conducted in the Jefferson City, Tennessee by the Jefferson County Geological Society.

Obituary in the newspaper for Earl Barnett---- a well respected math teacher and member of the Knoxville Community, departed this life on Wednesday, January 25, at Fort Sanders Hospital in KNoxville, Tenn., after a lengthy illness. He was 63 years…

This youngster looks admiringly at Ed Bailey as the national league catcher autographs a picture for him. Looking on is Bill Tate, old friend of Bailey's.

Boyd Chapel United Methodis Church located on School St. Jefferson City, TN 37760 celebrates it 112th anniversary.

Church leadership:
Bishop R. Ken Eustler, Resident Bishop
Rev. Gordon Ridenour, District Superintendent
Rev. Christian B.…
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