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LincolnSchoolPlay-1944 (24).pdf
A newspaper article about a play at Lincoln School

A newspaper article about Mary Collins's succession of Lorenzo Wyatt as principal of Slater School.

A newspaper article about the donation of an American flag to a local African American school.

A newspaper article about the naming of schools in Bristol, Tennessee.

NewChapterChartered-Apr-27-1959 copy.pdf
A newspaper photograph of new Marie Higgins Chapter of Future Teachers of American at Slater School.

A newspaper article about Slater School.

NewSlaterSchoolToBeDedicated-Apr-17-1955 (3).pdf
A newspaper article about the dedication of John F. Slater School.

An article about the lack of (and the exclusion of) African American enrollment at recently desegregated schools in Bristol, TN.

A newspaper article about an operetta presented at Slater High School.

A newspaper article about a pageant hosted at Slater Elementary School.
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