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A newspaper article about school bonds.

A newspaper article about a construction project for Slater School

A newspaper article about Slater High School's and Lincoln School's enrollment tin the Junior Red Cross membership drive.

A May 21, 1939 newspaper article featuring members of the graduating class of Douglass High School.

Alley Co. Is Given School Contract
A newspaper article about Alley Construction's contract to make improvements to Slater High School.

A newspaper article about an arts festival hosted at Slater High School.

An article featuring a photograph of a dance held at Douglass High School in honor of a Bristol citizen who lost his leg in the Korean War.

A May 21, 1935 newspaper article detailing a meeting of the Bristol Federation of Women's Club held at the Bristol Public Library.

An August 16, 1916 newspaper article on the Negro Business League of Bristol and the funds they raised for the Booker T. Washington memorial fund.

A February 19, 1923 newspaper article detailing R. E. Clay's canvassing trip on behalf of Mercy Hospital.
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