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A photo featuring three African American football players.

A newspaper article detailing the redevelopment plan for the former Morristown College campus.

Team photo of Morristown Normal and Industrial College Girl's Basketball Team from 1944-1945, featuring Julia Hill, Daisy Penson, Julia Holley, Dorothea Colvin, Anita Ligon, Peggy Brown, Bessie Hendricks, Elizabeth Beidleman, and Helen Stafford.

A newspaper article discussing proposed redevelopment plan for the former Morristown College Campus. Also featured is a photo of broken stained glass in the chapel in the campus of the college.

Reunion of the Ages, a non-profit organization focused on preserving and honoring former black educational institutions in the Morristown and Hamblen County areas, holds its second reunion July 29-August 1, 2004 in Morristown.

A photo of Dr. D.W. Grisham, who served as the reverend at Morristown College.

Photos showing the fire that took place at Wallace Hall on February 5, 1983. The fire was discovered in the basement of the building and quickly spread.

A booklet for the 1982 National Alumni Banquet, held on April 24th. The booklet includes information about the campus, a list of Morristown College presidents, faculty and staff being honored, and the program of events.

A photo of the President's House on the Morristown College campus.

A photo showing the foundation for the Laura Yard Hill Administrative Hall being built. The building was completed in 1911 after ten years of construction.
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