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A newspaper clipping announcing a series of services hold at Friendship Baptist Church to observing the 83rd anniversary. A handwritten date of Dec. 4, 1977 has been added to the newspaper clipping.

A newspaper clipping announcing the gospel performance of a Greeneville Native, Jesse Martin, at the Harvest Celebration. A handwritten date on the clipping states Feb. 8, 1980.

George Clem - Aug 11 1986 - George Clem Grad Comes Home To Remember And To Look Ahead.pdf
A newspaper article about the George Clem School Reunion. It features a statement from a former student, Rosemary Gaines Sanders, as well as a photo of George Clem's sister Lucy honoring her bother's grave site. August 11, 1986 is handwritten at the…

George Clem - Augu 12 1986 - Fairest of the Fair Crowned.pdf
A newspaper article announcing the winner of the 1985 Greene County Fair's pageant, Tonya Marie McAmis.
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