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A photo showing students and staff of the Bristol Colored Nursery School.

A studio portrait of an unnamed child.

Portrait of Alicia and Jeremy Hagler, childrenof Evelyn Stover-Hagler and Kenneth Hagler

Alicia and Jeremy Hagler, children of Evelyn Stover-Hagler and Kenneth Hagler

Photograph of an unnamed girl. Back of photograph says "To Mamma Fannie, From Peggy".

Photograph of girl with horse.pdf
Photograph of an unnamed girl with a horse

Photograph of little girl.pdf
Photograph of a little girl, 1944.

man and child.pdf
Photograph of man and child. No known information or date; connected to Stover family.

Photograph of woman and child, August 1924. No known information but connected to Stover family.

Soul food cooking lessons article.pdf
An undated article in the Kingsport Times-News about soul food cooking lessons offered by the Boys and Girls Club at the Riverview location in celebration of Black History Month
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