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Wedding day program for Sarah Katherine Bristol and Thomas Howard Smith.pdf
An undated wedding day program for Sarah Katherine Bristol and Thomas Howard Smith at Shiloh Baptist Church

Sunday school flyer 1989.pdf
A flyer titled, "Sunday School Super Stars" for Shiloh Baptist Church in August 1989

A black and white photograph of the outside of Shiloh Baptist Church with a caption beneath that reads, "Shiloh in the 50s"

Reflection on the history of Shiloh Baptist Church 2011.pdf
A three-page reflection, written by the historical committee, to document the history of Shiloh Baptist Church on its 75th anniversary. Includes mention of early community members who founded the church and its beginnings in Kingsport

Machen family.pdf
Photo of the Machen family with names below

M Ann Prichard.pdf
M. Ann Pritchard playing the role of Nancy Ward in the outdoor drama "The Watuagans" and "The Lost State", 1989

History of the Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church.
Revised by Sis. Betty McFarland - October 2012

150 Church Anniversary, October 15, 2017

Article in the Elizabethton Star on Marshall Horton

Marshall Horton with unnamed boy
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