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Photograph of Evelyn Stover-Hagler, daughter of Robert and Helen Stover, in front of a car.

Portrait of Dennis Stover, Maynard Stover's son

A photograph of Landon and Fannie Stover

Portraits - Older person; Billy Wayne Stover (son of Robert Stover & Helen Taylor Stover). Younger person is William Wayne Stover (son of Billy Wayne Stover Sr. & Elizabeth Stover Crawford) in the National Guard.

Portrait of Aunt Maude and Uncle Brownie, family friends

Portrait of Alicia and Jeremy Hagler, childrenof Evelyn Stover-Hagler and Kenneth Hagler

Alicia and Jeremy Hagler, children of Evelyn Stover-Hagler and Kenneth Hagler

Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard.pdf
Photograph of Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard

Rev David M Machen Sr.pdf
Photograph of Rev. David M. Machen, father of M. Ann Pritchard

Machen family.pdf
Photo of the Machen family with names below
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