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man and child.pdf
Photograph of man and child. No known information or date; connected to Stover family.

Hall family portrait photograph.pdf
An undated family portrait of the Hall family from a photograph album

Photograph of Rudy Hall.pdf
A photograph of Rudy Hall in his senior years, likely from a photo album

Rudy and Louetta Hall photograph.pdf
A photograph of Louetta and Rudy Hall sitting at a banquet table for a formal occasion

Rudy Hall and granddaughter photograph.pdf
A photograph of Rudy Hall in a car with his baby granddaughter on his lap and a handwritten caption that reads, "Being Grandfather"

Rudy Hall at home photographs.pdf
Four assorted photographs from a photo album showing Rudy Hall around his home

Rudy Hall's daughter's wedding photograph.pdf
A photograph of Rudy Hall walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding with a handwritten caption that reads, "Giving a daughter away in marriage"

Wagons with logs photograph.pdf
An old photograph of Jerome Pierce and his sons, Albert and Sammuel Patton Pierce, hauling logs on a Studebaker wagon from Bays Mountain in 1927-1928. The caption reads "Mules and wagons were used to transport logs"

Brenda and Ronald Taylor photograph 1946.pdf
A photograph from 1946 of Brenda Taylor and brother Ronald Taylor as children outside their home on Maple Street in Kingsport

Brenda Taylor on house steps photograph.pdf
A photograph of Brenda Taylor, age 3, on the steps of house her father built in Rotherwood
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