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Third annual Rudy Hall golf tournament.pdf
A photograph and news clipping that announces the 3rd Annual Rudy Hall Golf Tournament at Warriors Path Golf Course

Rudy Hall's list of fellow golfers.pdf
A photograph of a list of names and addresses with a handwritten title "One of Rudy's listings of fellow golfers"

Rudy Hall world's best golfers list.pdf
A photograph of a T-shirt listing the World's Best Golfers, including Rudy Hall, that was ordered by his wife Louetta to "amuse him" according to her handwritten note next to it

Rudy Hall memorial golf classic.pdf
An advertisement for the 1st Annual Rudy Hall Golf Classic at the Warrior Path Golf Course, sponsored by the South Central Kingsport Development Corporation

Rudy Hall golf tournament blast from the past.pdf
An undated clipping from an unnamed publication that reads, "Blast From the Past: Rudy Hall won the TERC Golf Club's Fall Tournament at Graysburg Hills" and includes a photograph

Rudy Hall golf photograph.pdf
A photograph of Rudy Hall swinging on the golf course

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Rudy Hall golf mementos.pdf
Photographs of mementos from Rudy Hall's golf career, including trophies, his golf bag, and a plaque for first place in a tournament. Caption reads: Trophies Rudy won, some are for getting a hole in one

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Hall wins golf tournament article 1980.pdf
An article in TEC News about Rudy Hall winning TERC's Golf Club's Fall Tournament at Graysburg Hills Golf Course in 1980

Guest tag at Meadowview Golf Club 1989.pdf
A guest tag for Meadowview Golf Club in Kingsport for Rudy Hall in September of 1989

C&C Open golf tournament certificate.pdf
A certificate for 10th place in the C&C Golf Tournament in Rogersville, redeemable for $10 in the McDonald Golf Club Pro-Shop
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