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History of the Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church.
Revised by Sis. Betty McFarland - October 2012

25th anniversary program Shiloh Baptist Church 1961.pdf
A program commemorating the 25th anniversary of Shiloh Baptist Church in 1961 including the church's founders and early days in the Kingsport community

Life and family of Jerome Pierce 2007.pdf
A detailed, biographical account of the life and family of Jerome Pierce, spanning from slavery to the Civil War to the current descendants in the 21st century. Includes photographs, maps, and deeds to land purchases

Wagons with logs photograph.pdf
An old photograph of Jerome Pierce and his sons, Albert and Sammuel Patton Pierce, hauling logs on a Studebaker wagon from Bays Mountain in 1927-1928. The caption reads "Mules and wagons were used to transport logs"
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