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A newspaper article announcing Douglass High School's victory in an annual music competition.

A certificate from the National Federation of Music Clubs to Treva Posey dated 1960 for piano solo held in Johnson City.

A certificate from The Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs awarded to Treva Posey for high musical achievement in the National Federation Festivals in 1960.

A certificate from National Federation of Music Clubs awarded to Treva Kate Posey held in Johnson City dated 1960.

A photograph of David English, the music teacher at Morristown College.

A Kingsport Times article from Tuesday, May 17, 1927. Article is titled "Colored Singers Entertain Legion in Short Session".

A Kingsport Times article from Tuesday, December 5, 1922. Article is titled "Colored Singers Make It Big Here".

Zydec concert in Kingsport article 2010.pdf
An article in the Kingsport Times-News in 2010 about legendary C.J. Chenier bringing his unique zydec musical style of jazz from New Orleans to Kingsport

A photograph of seven African American men in a gospel singing group. Two sit on a bench in front of a piano and one holds a guitar.

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