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A Kingsport Times article from Tuesday, May 17, 1927. Article is titled "Colored Singers Entertain Legion in Short Session".

A Kingsport Times article from Tuesday, December 5, 1922. Article is titled "Colored Singers Make It Big Here".

A newspaper article announcing Douglass High School's victory in an annual music competition.

A certificate from National Federation of Music Clubs awarded to Treva Kate Posey held in Johnson City dated 1960.

A certificate from The Tennessee Federation of Music Clubs awarded to Treva Posey for high musical achievement in the National Federation Festivals in 1960.

A photograph of David English, the music teacher at Morristown College.

A photograph of seven African American men in a gospel singing group. Two sit on a bench in front of a piano and one holds a guitar.

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A certificate from the National Federation of Music Clubs to Treva Posey dated 1960 for piano solo held in Johnson City.

Zydec concert in Kingsport article 2010.pdf
An article in the Kingsport Times-News in 2010 about legendary C.J. Chenier bringing his unique zydec musical style of jazz from New Orleans to Kingsport
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