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A newspaper article about school bonds.

A newspaper article about a construction project for Slater School

A newspaper article about Slater High School's and Lincoln School's enrollment tin the Junior Red Cross membership drive.

Alley Co. Is Given School Contract
A newspaper article about Alley Construction's contract to make improvements to Slater High School.

Newspaper article about May Day program at Woodlawn Avenue School.

ColoredSchoolOpening-Aug-31-1907 - Copy.pdf
A short newspaper article about the opening of a new school.

A newspaper article about hosting Founder's Day at Slater High School.

JayceePosterWinnersNamed-Mar-7-1946 - Copy.pdf
A newspaper about Jaycee Poster winners.

A newspaper article about the Lincoln Day Celebrations hosted at Slater School.

LincolnSchoolPlay-1944 (24).pdf
A newspaper article about a play at Lincoln School
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