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Photo - Boxwood Manor Slave House - May 24 2008.pdf
A photo of the Boxwood Manor Slave House taken on May 24, 2008.

Old Slave Mart - RD Minard.PDF
Ralph D. Minard writes about a prominent building of Morristown College that had once served as a slave-mart.

Slaves of Daniel Stover (on Marriott paper); Family genealogy; Burials and dates.

Life and family of Jerome Pierce 2007.pdf
A detailed, biographical account of the life and family of Jerome Pierce, spanning from slavery to the Civil War to the current descendants in the 21st century. Includes photographs, maps, and deeds to land purchases

Photo - Benjamin Hamilton.pdf
A photograph of Mr. Theodore Dixon, Ben Hamilton, Greene Hamilton, and Mary Susong Hamilton. An accompanying label describes the life of Benjamin Hamilton. Part of a work exhibit at the Greene County History Museum.

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Andrew Johnson and his Slaves.pdf
A display with photos and information concerning Andrew Johnson's slaves and their descendants. Also includes multiple photographs and accompanying labels concerning slave quarters in Greeneville. Part of an exhibit at the Greene County History…

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Negro Experience in Greene County Newspaper Series.pdf
A special series of articles in the Greeneville Sun on African American history in Greene County, written by Jack Carson Jr. in 1969. The first article gives details on Carson's background and education. The other articles address a range of topics…

Want Ads for Lost Relatives 1865-1867.pdf
Abstracts of geneological information taken from wanted ads for lost relatives between 1865-1867, published in "The Colored Tennessean" of Davidson County, Tennessee.

Early Emancipation Movement in TN.pdf
A collection of letters and notes concerning the emancipation movement in Tennessee.
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