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Patricia Bellamy was the 1st Black female Hired as Clerk Typist
by USDA Forest Service with the Cherokee National Forest, Elizabethton. 1977-1990

M ann Prichard 2.pdf
Photograph of M. Ann Machen Pritchard in a news clipping

M Ann Prichard.pdf
M. Ann Pritchard playing the role of Nancy Ward in the outdoor drama "The Watuagans" and "The Lost State", 1989

Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard.pdf
Photograph of Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard

Photograph of Evelyn Stover-Hagler, daughter of Robert and Helen Stover, in front of a car.

Photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and Betty MacFarland at a social event.

A photograph of Fannie Gene Stover sitting on a stone wall.

A graduation photo of Fannie Gene Stover from Douglas High School

A photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and a man at Maggie Valley

Fannie Gene Stover with two unnamed men at a social event for an African-American Club. Fannie was nominated for a community award.
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