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Benita Bellamy earns two awards.pdf
Benita Bellamy wins two academic-based awards. She was the 1st Black female elected Elizabethton High School Student Body President for 1986-87

Miss Ebony Pageant 1990 program.pdf
A program from Jr. Miss Ebony Pageant program from 1990. The pageant took place at Haberstick Auditorium in Greeneville, Tennessee.

Photo - Annie Weems.pdf
A photo of Annie Weems, a local Greene County woman that worked as a midwife and a cook for the Laughlin Hospital.

Benita Bellamy 1st black captain cheerleader.pdf
Benita Patricia Bellamy is the daughter of Daughter of Paul and Pat Bellamy. She was the 1st Black Captain of Elizabethton High School Cheerleaders for 1984-1985

Benita Bellamy is crowned Miss ETSU in 1990

Article - Denise Carter - Miss Greene County - WInning Solo.pdf
Deneise Carter performs a solo a the 1975 Miss Greene County pageant.

Photograph of Evelyn Stover-Hagler, daughter of Robert and Helen Stover, in front of a car.

Photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and Betty MacFarland at a social event.

A photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and a man at Maggie Valley

Fannie Gene Stover when she was science teacher T. A. Dugger Junior High School . Michael Crawford on left and Eric Duffield on right.
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