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Patricia Bellamy was the 1st Black female Hired as Clerk Typist
by USDA Forest Service with the Cherokee National Forest, Elizabethton. 1977-1990

Life and family of Jerome Pierce 2007.pdf
A detailed, biographical account of the life and family of Jerome Pierce, spanning from slavery to the Civil War to the current descendants in the 21st century. Includes photographs, maps, and deeds to land purchases

TEC cafeteria staff.pdf
A photograph of Tennessee Eastman Company (TEC) cafeteria staff

Wagons with logs photograph.pdf
An old photograph of Jerome Pierce and his sons, Albert and Sammuel Patton Pierce, hauling logs on a Studebaker wagon from Bays Mountain in 1927-1928. The caption reads "Mules and wagons were used to transport logs"

Wastewater operator certificate 1981.pdf
A certificate of competency for Anderson R. Hall from the State of Tennessee Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Board in 1981


Telephone pole photograph.pdf
A black and white photograph of Rudy Hall atop a telephone pole with a handwritten caption that reads: "Rudy on top of telephone pole. When this picture was taken, he was a cable installer. Shortly after he was promoted to foreman"

Rudy Hall superintendent photograph.pdf
A photograph in the Kingsport-Times News of Rudy Hall pouring out water and a caption that mentions his role as superintendent of the newly completed sewage treatment facility

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Rudy Hall promotion article 1982.pdf
A clipping from the Kingsport Times-News in 1982 that announces Rudy Hall's promotion to superintendent of Kingsport's wastewater treatment plant

Louetta Hall with coworkers and wedding gifts photograph.pdf
An undated photograph and caption of Louetta Hall and her coworkers in the Twisting Department, and Louetta is holding a wrapped gift following her recent marriage to Anderson Rudolph Hall

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Four photographs and accompanying descriptions about four African American mechanics in Greeneville: Clinton Gudger, George Snapp, Jack Carson, Sr., and J. L. Gudger. Part of a work exhibit at the Greene County History Museum.


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