Colored News: September 8, 1955

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Colored News: September 8, 1955


Tennessee; African American Families; African Americans--Appalachian Region; African Americans--Southern States; African American Heritage; African American students; African Americans--Education; African Americans--Society--Southern States; African Americans -- Migration--Southern States. African American Social Life -- Southern States


Rogersville Review article from September 8, 1955. Article is titled "Colored News” the weekly society column for the local African American community





Black in Appalachia


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1955; United States-Tennessee-Rogersville

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S/Sgt David H Gudger, Mrs. Lucy Gudger, Jennie D. Fain, Dr. C.N. Fain, Mrs.W.M. Wadkins, Mr/s Charlie Armstrong, Mrs. Leon Colman, Mrs. Bessie Childress, Alice Brice, Mrs. Elizabeth McCorckle, Mr/s Ikr, Naomi Banks, Mr/s Alfred Etter, Mr/s Wesley Sams Carolyn Gilmore Skippu Gilmore, Mrs. Willie Banks, Mrs. Cleo Tiggs, Mrs. Gladys Sendabaugh, Roy Walker, Charlie Moore, Mrs. George Cope, Mrs. Mollie Woods,Mrs. Laura Armstrong, Mrs. Lula Caldwell., Mr.s William Trammell, Mr.s Summer Trammell, Mr.s Jessie Green, Viola Etterm Mr.s Wesley Sams, Skippy Gimore, Norma Jean Cope, Mrs. george Cope, Mrs. Arthur Figate, mrs. Arthur Fugate, Mrs. Arthur Fugate, Mrs. Katherine Francisco, Mrs. Arch Fain, Mr.s Robert Pearson, Mr.s Carl Mann, Mrs. Neil Weing, Robert C. Payne, Cpl/ Mrs. Philip Rogers, Mrs. Rogers, Mr. Payne Mother, Fannie Loue Payne, Pvt. George Gudger, Mrs. Lucy Gudger, Mrs. Mary Hoard, Laura Fulkerson, Mrs. Cornelia Fulkerson,




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