Swift College Catalogue, 1900-1901

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Swift College Catalogue, 1900-1901


Tennessee; African Americans--Appalachian Region; African Americans--Southern States; African American heritage; African American Education--Hawkins County--Rogersville; Education--Historically Black Colleges and Universities; African American--College Catalogues; Southern States--Tennessee--Hawkins County--Rogersville


College Catalogue from late Historically Black College, Swift Memorial Institute once located in Rogersville, Tennessee and operated by the Presbyterian Church from 1883 to 1954.
Names included in this document:
William H. Franklin, Principal
Jonathan R. Baker, Normal Department
Annie L. Enos, Grammar Department
Delia G. Holmes, Intermediate Department
Emily P. Jones, Primary Department
Laura C. Franklin, Assistant Principal
Henrietta V. Mabry, Music Teacher
Lottie M. Enos, Sewing Department and Sub Primary

Armstong, Florence
Armstrong, Harrington
Brown, Willie
Bradley, Willie
Bradley, Hector
Carmichael, Fred
Carmack, Herbert
Chestnut, Willie
Chambers, Elizah
Charles, Gracie
Chestnut, Lemmie
Chambers, Margaret
Carr, Alice
Fain, Jennie
Fain, Clifton
Francisco, Johnnie
Fulkerson, Tommie
Green, Roy
Green, Taylor
Green, Edward
Gaines, Arthur
Gaines, R. Annie
Gray, Lillie
Green, Nollie
Horton, Katie
Horton, Annie
Howard, Brooks
Hale, Johnnie
Jones, L. Annie
Kinchelor, Emma
Kyle, Lennie
Kyle, Carrie
Kyle, Willie
Kelly, Cassie
Kinchelor, Chestnut
Lyons, Hugh
Lyons, Robert
Lee, Roy
Lee, Elise
Lyons, Rosie
McKinney, M. Francis
Mitchel, Gale
Pearson, Gale
Pearson, John
Pearson, Robert
Richard, Henry
Ross, Edward
Rogers, Maggie
Sensibaugh, Annie
Sensibaugh, Horace
Shypes, Sallie
Sypes, Ella
Scott, B. Lue
Starnes, Mary
Willis, B. Mary
Watterson, Francis
Wolfe, Jimmie
Williams, Eldridge
Watterson, Ancrom
Watterson, Roy

--First Grade--
Alexander, Luther
Alexander, Edward
Bradley, Harry
Bradley, Ancrom
Cain, Ethel
Charles, Rosa
Carmichael, Kate L.
Cope, Matilda
Carmack, Willie
Carmack, James
Fleming Cora (Knoxville)
Green, John
Gaines, Mollie
Heiskell, Willie
Irving, Hattie
Irving, Georgie
Kyle, John
Lyons, James
McKinney, Grace
Starnes, Fred
Spears, George
Sensibaugh, James
Spears, Allie
Spears, Mollie
Talmage, Watterson
Williams, Emma
Wells, Annie
Wolfe, Sadie (Mossy Creek)

--Second Grade--
Archie, Minnie
Barnes, John
Bradley, George
Brice, Conelius
Cain, Diana
Charles, Robert
Cope, Andrew
Caldwell, Clinton
Delaney, Solomon
Fuget, James
Fain, Charles
Fain, Hugh
Green, Minnie
Hamblen, Joseph
Horton, Willie
Johnson, Frank
Fleming, Nellie (Knoxville)
Kyle, Adelaide
Kyle, Irwin
Lea, Willie
Lyons, Noricy
Lyons, Walter
Lyons, Willis
Lyons, Berdie
Lyons, Elsie
Lyons, Katie
Morton, Juan Nita
Miller, Luther
McKinney, Willie
Payne, Eldridge
Russell, Charles
Watterson, Sadie
Wolfe, Lloyd

--Third Grade--
Anderson, Florence
Bradley, Rosa
Brice, Nora
Brice, Earnest
Brice, Fred
Bradley, Jennie
Cain, Maggie
Fain, Eddie
Fugate, Tennie
Fulkerson, Samuel
Fulkerson, Abitha
Green, Etta
Gunn, Martha
Howard, Josie
Hale, Annie
Jones, Anna M.
Kyle, Sue Mabel
Kyle, Annie
Kyle, Fannie B.
Kyle, Hugh W.
Kyle, Willie
Lyons, Irene
Lyons, Mary A.
Lyons, Walter
Lyons, Elsie
Miller, Mollie
McKinney, May
Netherland, Jennie
Netherland, Nelson
Neal, Georgia
Ross, Robert
Ross, Richard
Richmond, Willie
Spears, Lawrence
Simpson, Fannie
Weems, Hattie
Watterson, Mollie
Wolfe, John
Wadkins, Ida (St. Clair)
Wadkins, Alfred (St. Clair)

--Fourth Grade--
Armstrong, Anna M. (Rogersville)
Bradley, Nannie (Rogersville)
Bradley, Maxie (Solitude)
Carmichael, Laura (Rogersville)
Carr, George (Rogersville)
Cochraham, Samuel (St.Clair)
Edwards, Magnolia (Chattanooga)
Francisco, Jessica (Rogersville)
Fugate, Tennie (Rogersville)
Johnson, Minnie (Rogersville)
Kyle, Belle (Rogersville)
Keys, Mary E. (Bristol)
Leiper, Addie (Morristown)
Russell, Efiie (Atlanta, GA)
Richie, Maud (Jonesville, VA)
Rogers, Emma (Rogersville)
Sevier, Bonnie (Greeneville)
Thompson, Mary (Knoxville)
Turk, Della (Mossy Creek)
Williams, Frank (Mossy Creek)
Wolfe, Estella (Rogersville)
Wilson, Emma (Maryville)
Wolfe, Ella (Rogersville)
Wolfe, Bertha (Rogersville)

--Grammar Department--
--First Year--
Brice, Lemah (Rogersville)
Bradford, Nellie (Dandridge)
Bradford, Georgianna (Dandridge)
Chestnut, Annis (Rogersville)
Duff, Lucy (Stickleysville, VA)
Dougans, Grant (Jacksonville, FL)
Endarley, Jordan (Dandridge)
Fenderson, Edward (Rogersville)
Fulkerson, Frank (Rogersville)
Fain, Nollie (Dandridge)
Inman, Shade (Dandridge)
Kite, Gertrude (Rogersville)
Kyle, Mollie (Rogersville)
Lea, Mary (Rogersville)
Lea, Annis (Rogersville)
Miller, Julia (Rogersville)
Miller, James (Knoxville)
McKinney, Alfred (Rogersville)
Netherland, Nelson (Dandridge)
Rice, Richard (Russellville)
Redman, Flora (Dandridge)
Smith, Lucy (Knoxville)
Watterson, Samuel (Rogersville)
Watterson, Edward (Rogersville)
Wadkins, Minerva (St. Clair)

--Second Year--
Cooper, Fannie (Stony Point)
Cochraham, Mary (St. Clair)
Kite, Ollie (Rogersville)
Lyons, Sarah (Rogersville)
Leeper, Della (Morristown)
Lathrum, William (Hendersonville, NC)
McGee, Hazel (Greeneville)
Netherland, Bessie (Rogersville)
Hodge, Willie (Mossy Creek)
Ross, Katie (Rogersville)
Ross, Laura (Rogersville)
Scott, Amy (Knoxville)
Snapp, William (Dandridge)
Sullivan, William (Hendersonville, NC)
Watterson, Bessie (Rogersville)

--Normal Department--
--First Year--
Bradley, Rosa C. (Rogersville)
Bradley, H.G. (Upper Clinch)
Cleckley, Bertha O. (Orangeburg, SC)
Cochraham, Lady Kate (St. Clair)
Floyd, Myrtle H. (Rogersville)
Green, India A. (Dalton, GA)
Gammons, Walter L. (Dandridge)
Hannum, Bertha L. (Maryville)
McGhee, Adrian E. (Greeneville)
Netherland, Anthony H. (Rogersville)
Twitty, Pearl E. (Greeneville)
Vance, Harriet J. (Strawberry Plains)
Wolfe, George B. (Rogersville)

--Second Year--
Cochraham, Alfred F. (Rogersville Junction)
Martin, James L. (Jonesville, VA)
Laffell, George A. (Sevierville)
Warren, Rosa (Louisville)

--High School--
--First Year--
Pennington, J.W. (Greeneville)

--Second Year--
Williams, Ella (Knoxville)
Watterson, Mary C. (Rogersville)

--Teachers’ Course--
--First Year--
Cochraham, Cornelia G. (Bulls Gap)
Johnson, Melissa (Rogersville)
Forgie, Sadie (Rogersville)
Brice, Paralee (Rogersville)

--Normal Graduates--
Armstrong, Nannie (Rogersville)
Chance, Isaac (New Market)
Cochraham, Paralee (St. Clair)

Flack, P.M. (Alexander, NC)
Hall, Maggie (Maryville)
Hurse, Robert (Maryville)
Lawrence, Leonora (Columbia)

Brice, J. Houston (Rogersville)
Brice, James (Rogersville)
Brice, Paralee (Rogersville)
Cochraham, Lizzie (St. Clair)
Kennedy, Mattie (Maryville)
Snapp, R.A. (Dandridge)

Bradley, James (Rogersville)
Eaton, Ada (Bean Station)
Fain, Lida (Rogersville)
Johnson, Melissa (Rogersville)
Miller, Robert C. (Washington DC)
Netherland, Maggie (Rogersville)
Netherland, Lillie (Rogersville)
Sevier, Lectia (Greeneville)
Watterson, Rachel (Stony Point)
Watterson, Mary (Rogersville)

Bradley, Estella (New Market)
Forgie, Sadie (Rogersville)
Woodward, Lucy (Maryville)
Warren, Octavia (Louisville)

Bradley, W.O. (Rogersville)
Ross, John (Rogersville)
Pennington, J.W. (Greeneville)

Martin, James (Jonesville, VA)
Warren, Rosa (Lousiville)


Swift Memorial Institute


University of Tennessee: Annual Catalogue of the Swift Memorial Junior College of Tennessee ... with Announcements for ... Rogersville, Tenn: The College, 1919. Print.


Black in Appalachia


1900 - 1901


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United States--Tennessee--Hawkins County--Rogersville



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