Roan Mountain School Register, 1951-1956

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Roan Mountain School Register, 1951-1956


Tennessee; African American women; African Americans--Appalachian Region; African American women--History; African American school children; African American school principals; African Americans--Education--Southern States; Schools--Records and correspondence; Student records--Carter County


Tennessee School Register Information includes: student name, address, distance student lives from school, mode of transportation, enrollment dates, birthplace, last school attended, parent/guardian name and occupation, a property report of the school and improvements made or needed to the property, breakdown of class schedule and summaries of year's progress, classroom and teacher objectives for the year, record of teacher's educational history, and in some cases a report of average class attendance, record of 8th grade certificates and record of substitute teachers.

Information included is a valuable resource for identifying familial ties, migration and locations of Black communities in Carter County, Tennessee as well as North Carolina

Surname of students enrolled at Watauga are as follows: Avery, Forney, Storey, Thompson, Webb.


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