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"Happy Home reaped benefits of foundation that grew with faith, families and friendships"

Happy Home - The_Knoxville_News_Sentinel_Sun__Sep_27__1998.pdf

Knoxville News Sentinel article on the Happy Home community of Knox County, published September 17, 1998. Article highlights the community's history,…

Green Book Listings, West Virginia (1938 - 1964)

Green Book Listings - West Virginia _ 1938 - 1964 - compressed.pdf

Compiled clippings of the Green Book locations in West Virginia from 1938 - 1964)

The Green Book was an annual guidebook for African-American…

Hotel Thelma, Green Book Site

Rev James H Mitchell Sr - Thelma Stone Collection.pdf

Historic narratives, newspaper articles & Green Book clippings of Hotel Thelma, it's proprietor Thelma Stone. Associated family information is also…