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Genealogies of Mary (Walker) Smith's children:
Robert (Bob) Smith (1873)
John Smith (1874)
Lonie (Toy) Smith (1881) -- 4 generations
Mattie Smith (n.d) -- 4 generations
James (Jim) Smith (n.d.)
Fannie Smith (n.d.)
Walter Smith (n.d.) -- 4…

Genealogies of two of Mary (Smith) Walker's children:
Frank Smith, Sr. (1871) -- 6 generations
Maggie Smith (n.d.) -- 4 generations.

List of descendants of Mary Walker Smith through seven generations.

This book contains profiles of over 100 veterans and active military from Oliver Springs, Tennessee that include dates of service, biographical information, and some pictures. The page "Veterans of World Wars" contains pictures of the following Black…

1 - 1860 - Free POC .pdf
1860 United States Census Records of Free People of Color in Watauga County, North Carolina.

1 - 1860 Slave Schedule Watauga.pdf
1860 United States Slave Schedule of Watauga County, North Carolina

1 - 1870 POC Watauga.pdf
1870 United States Census Records of Black & Mulatto residents in Watauga County, North Carolina.

This is a portion of the Smith Family History Book, which was compiled for the 1st Hopper Family Reunion of William Julian Hopper, Jr. and Nannie Lamar Smith Hopper. It includes a dedication page, acknowledgment page, wedding certificates, family…

Genealogy of Jane Hopper (Born 1825 -died December 1874) through seven generations.

Genealogy of Mary (Walker) Smith (born 1829-died 1933) through seven generations
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