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Article - Manuels Place in Local History - Greeneville Sun _ Saturday, April 12 1986.pdf
An April 12, 1986 Greeneville Sun article about the history of the Manuel family. Part of a work exhibit at the Greene County History Museum.

A summarized history of the Evans family, who originated in Greeneville, Tennessee. The history include birth dates, marriages, and locations of family members.

A photo of Richard Elder as a young man.

Ralph Watson and Wiiliam Crum.pdf
Ralph Watson and William Crum chat together during an NAACP chapter meeting in Greeneville, TN.

A photo of Peter Allen Broyles (1884-?), son of Frank and Hester Broyles.

A photo of James Franklin Broyles (1855-1922) and Hester Broyles (1858-1932). They were married November 8, 1876 in Greeneville, TN.

A photo of Mary Evans Broyles, wife of Peter Allen Broyles

Emily Manuel class book.pdf
Emily Manuel's class book for a kindergarten class. The record listed 13 names of students born between 1952 and 1955.

A photo of Georgia Bell (Broyles) Campbell with her high school graduating class. Campbell is pictured on the right bottom right.

NAACP intervenes for Los Angeles Rioters.pdf
A newspaper article detailing the steps taken by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to intervene in behalf of 4,000 rioters in Los Angeles. This page also features Whitney M. Young presenting Urban League…
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