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A H Stearns.pdf
"A Highway in the Wilderness" is the autobiography of A. H. Stearns, where she shares stories of her life, the establishment of Morristown College, and other personal excerpts from the community. Originally published in 1898 by Press of MacGowan and…

brenda hines hammond.pdf
A doctoral dissertation written by Brenda Hines Hammond on the founding, growth, and development of Morristown College.

Reunion of the Ages, a non-profit organization focused on preserving and honoring former black educational institutions in the Morristown and Hamblen County areas, holds its second reunion July 29-August 1, 2004 in Morristown.

A newspaper article discussing proposed redevelopment plan for the former Morristown College Campus. Also featured is a photo of broken stained glass in the chapel in the campus of the college.

A newspaper article detailing the redevelopment plan for the former Morristown College campus.

An April 30, 1984 article from the Citizens Tribune titled "Alex Haley Applauds Education, Black Colleges". The article describes excerpts of Alex Haley's commencement speech at Morristown College.

Charles Davis Jackson - Russellville.pdf
A belt buckle with "M.N.I.C. (Morristown Normal and Industrial College) Red Knights" engraved.

Liscense Plate.pdf
A decorative license plate for Morristown College

1988 Church College Partnership.pdf
A program for the 1988 East Tennessee Church College Partnership. The event was hosted at Morristown College July 9th at 6:00PM.

Morristown College Presidents.PDF
A document with a brief history of Morristown College followed by a list of all its presidents.
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