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Tools for School infographic.pdf
An infographic of a Current School Environment flow chart of causes for behavioral problems and a second infographic of the Tools For School process.

A photo of a professor and his students using microscopes in a science classroom.

A photo of young men and women seated at desks in front of a chalkboard in French class.

A photo featuring young men and women sitting at desks in a classroom.

Rudy Hall senior class photograph 1954.pdf
A photograph of the senior class of 1954 with a handwritten caption that reads: Rudy's graduation class picture. He and his best friend Donald were valedictorians and the only two males in the class

A photo of a professor and students looking at a map.

A photograph of Patriotic Award Winners

Photos of Slater School's first (1915) and last (1965) graduating classes.

Photographs of graduating students from 1915 and 1965.

Two photographs on Lincoln School
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