Pineville School Yearbook: 1953

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Pineville School Yearbook: 1953


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The 1953 yearbook for Pineville Consolidated School that once operated in Hamblen County, Tennessee.

The school was consolidated from the one room schools of Golda, Lowland and Pineville in 1939. In 1946, students from Russellville school were added and a year later, the Black students from Whitesburg.

Providing education for grades 1 - 8, Pineville acted as a feeder school for Morristown College High School. The school would close in 1954 with the building of the new Miller Boyd School nearby.

Names included in this year book:
Willie V. Irvin, Bernice Turner Taylor, Venson Blevins, Lellia Blevins, Donnell Tate, Charles Phillips, William Jackson, Mary Will Price, William Blevins, Curtis Young, J.C. Cochraham, Cecil, Shirely Mae Green, Edward Brooks, Pauline Wilson, Willie Mae Blevins, Barbara Jean Rucker, Eleazer Blevins, Julia Ann Blevins, Earl Rucker, Barbara Jean Lee, Barbara Nicely, Jerry Jennings, Toney Nelson, Thomas Phillips, Lee Rucker, Scoval Blevins, Lena Mae Blevins, Clyde Davis, Allen Gene Riley, Katherine Buis, Rosie Lee Yeary, Lacy John Tate, Joyce Judy Bragg, Jeraldine Phillips, Willie Mae Davis, Alexander Davis, Ralph James Thompson, William Kenneth Riley, Horace Venson Blevins, Alice Louise Blevins, Eugene Edward Clark, John Emerson Rucker, Barbara Ann Davis, Mary Lillie Blevins, Ben Delno Tate, Mary Elaine Rucker, Naomi Buis, Edward Kenneth Green, Wanda Kyle, Robert Davis Jr, Carl Bragg Jr, Hugh Eugene Allen, Jerry Boyd Tate, Mary Lou Blevins, Conrad Yeary, Robert Louis Blevins, Joyce Ann Pinkney, William Howard Rucker, Charles William Buis


Willie V. Irvin and Bernice Turner Taylor


Black in Appalachia




Reverend Bo Simpson


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