The Smith Family: Frank & Molly Smith History Book

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The Smith Family: Frank & Molly Smith History Book


Tennessee---Jefferson County; Appalachia; Black heritage; Black genealogy; Frank Smith; Molly Smith; Nelsen Merry School; family reunion


This is a portion of the Smith Family History Book, which was compiled for the 1st Hopper Family Reunion of William Julian Hopper, Jr. and Nannie Lamar Smith Hopper. It includes a dedication page, acknowledgment page, wedding certificates, family Bible records, military service record of Spencer U. Smith, the Frank & Molly Family Group Sheet, the Mary (Walker) Smith family chart, and a 1998 map of Jefferson County.
Photographs include a picture taken in front of Nelsen-Merry school in 1913, Nelsen-Merry School, Martha Davis Baptist Church, a group photo of the family reunion on a Bahama cruise in 1993, Frank Smith, Jr., Mary Elizabeth Nichols Smith, and other various family members by themselves or in groups.
The original book contained genealogies of Mary (Walker) Smith and her children which were published separately. It also contained a family directory that was not published due to privacy concerns for the family.


Julia Smith Hopper Daniel


master copy of The Smith Family: Frank & Molly Smith History Book


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