Celebration of Freedom: Memorial Day Street Fest

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Celebration of Freedom: Memorial Day Street Fest


Tennessee----Oliver Springs; Monroe County; Appalachia; African-American veterans; Black veterans; military service; Memorial Day; festival; Unity in the Community Committee


This book contains profiles of over 100 veterans and active military from Oliver Springs, Tennessee that include dates of service, biographical information, and some pictures. The page "Veterans of World Wars" contains pictures of the following Black veterans: William "Strutt" Crozier (World War I), Jack Boyd, Clayton Lide, Ralph Edward Foley (all World War II) and Raymond Henry (Dec. 25, 1907-Dec. 9, 1998). An editorial page features Samuel William Harper along with an article taken from the Clinton Courier News, "Harper was war Hero." Other pictured Black veterans include: Kelvin Knaff, U.S. Air Force Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm; Thomas C. Long, U.S. Army, World War II; Curtis L. Fritts, Vietnam; Norman Eskridge, U.S. Army; Bronce O. Griffin, Army Air Force; and Water Marzell Griffin, U.S. Marine Corps. The book also contains an events schedule and ads from local businesses and organizations that sponsored the festival.


Unity in the Community Committee
Lee Cantrell


Paper bound pamphlet printed for attendees of the Memorial Day Street Fest held in Oliver Springs, Tennessee in 2001.


Black In Appalachia




Nelia Koontz


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Oliver Springs, Tennessee

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Paper bound, saddle-stitch pamphlet



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