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"Bring Dat College Home" Poem


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Words to the poem "Bring Dat College Home", a favorite of Dr. Miller W. Boyd. Dr. Boyd was the president of Morristown College.


Creator Unknown


JoVita Wells


Black in Appalachia


September 12, 2019


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United States--Tennessee--Morristown

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I’s been sending you to college for six or seven
Since the mornin’ dat you let’ me I’s been  sheddin
bitter tears
But I thought of dat ole sayin’ “Sunshine come behin’
de storm”,
So my young man, when you finish, you yes bring dat
college home.

I’s been scrubbin’ by the washtub, I’s been sewatin’
in de feil,
Many time I had to borry an’ I almost had to steal,
But I held on to my patience, beat def soap suds
into foam,
All de time my heart was sayin’ he’s wine bring dat
college home.

Folks here say you gwine be nothin’, you jus foolin’
time away,
But I shake my finger and tell dem “wait until some
future day”.
Se next’ June when dogwoods blossom and de bees begin
to swarm,
I’ll be waitin’ for to see you when you bring dat
college home.

Don’t you min’ dose folks here talkin’, day ain’t half
as good as you,
And dey’s bound to nag at good folks, dat’s all day
know how to do.
I’s got wood enough for winter, plenty clothes to keep
me warm
So you trot off to college, then next June, you bring
dat college home.

I don’t mean bring home the buildings or to wreck dam
good folks place,
Bring home Chirstian education, and dat high tone college grace,
You jes grab def fessor’s habits, hole em tight
thoo win’ an’ storm,
Den when you git your diploma, take em all and light
for home.

Show dese folks dat you got ‘em by the speeches dat
you make,
By the specks dat you’ll be wearin’ an’ de way your
coat tail shake
But don’t git above de people, settle down an’ cease to
Be a light in your own village, be a college right here
at home.

- Anonymous -

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