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An August 26, 1916 article detailing the request of Robert E. Clay to have African Americans submit exhibit for the Bristol Fair.

An October 17, 1916 article detailing the meeting of African American physicians to organize a physicians council.

A July 22, 1916 article detailing an upcoming meet for the Negro Business League.

An October 22, 1916 article detailing upcoming meetings for the glee club of the Bristol Negro Business League.

A September 29, 1916 article listing upcoming engagement for the glee club of the Bristol Negro Business League.

A September 15, 1916 article recounting a performance by the Negro Business League glee club.

A September 28, 1916 racist pseudoscientific article explaining why African Americans have dark.

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A December 5, 1916 article in which Henry Allen Boyd, secretary of the National Negro Press Association, urges people to use what they have to "advance the development of the assets of the colored race".

A short biography for Dr. R. B. McArthur, a prominent local physician in Bristol.

An advertisement for The Hotel Roberts, which boasts itself as the "only first-class hotel with all modern conveniences in the whole Appalachian region for Colored people."
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