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A 1920s photograph of a K.K.K. parade held in downtown Bristol.

A December 24, 1892 newspaper article on the lynching of Irwin Roberts.

A June 13, 1891 Los Angeles Times newspaper article on the lynching of a man named Bob Clarke.

A June 14, 1891 newspaper article on the lynching of a man named Bob Clarke.

A June 26, 1929 newspaper article highlighting concerns of the NAACP, especially the issue of lynching.

An October 13, 1926 newspaper article reporting the shooting a young black boy by a young white girl.

An August 28, 1934 newspaper article discussing the garbage left by the city in an area of town known as "Black Bottom".

A September 28, 1916 racist pseudoscientific article explaining why African Americans have dark.

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Kingsport park vandalism article 1999.pdf
Article in Kingsport Times-News about vandalism at a local park in Kingsport, including grafitti with racial slurs. Includes photographs.
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