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Old Slave Mart - RD Minard.PDF
Ralph D. Minard writes about a prominent building of Morristown College that had once served as a slave-mart.

brenda hines hammond.pdf
A doctoral dissertation written by Brenda Hines Hammond on the founding, growth, and development of Morristown College.

Liscense Plate.pdf
A decorative license plate for Morristown College

1988 Church College Partnership.pdf
A program for the 1988 East Tennessee Church College Partnership. The event was hosted at Morristown College July 9th at 6:00PM.

Morristown College Presidents.PDF
A document with a brief history of Morristown College followed by a list of all its presidents.

Case Study - Dr Ralph Day Minard.PDF
A case studying evaluating the work and contributions of Ralph D. Minard, a longtime professor, in comparison with Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory.

Save Morristown College Fund.PDF
A newsletter acknowledging those that contributed to the 1986 "Save Morristown College Fund", which raised over $63,000.

Letter from Mayor Johnson.PDF
A letter from Mayor Gary R. Johnson, dated March 10, 2005, that states his support for the for the efforts of the From Africa to Appalachia Museum Committee to establish a museum in Morristown.


Africa to Appalachia 2007.PDF
Program for the February 4, 2007 opening celebration of the From Africa to Appalachia museum. The event was hosted by the Africa to Appalachia Foundation and the Rose Center and Council for the Arts.


Eddie G Tate.PDF
Responses to a questionnaire for the The From Africa to Appalachia Foundation Morristown College Museum Project. Tate recounts his time at Morristown College, and some of the memories and impacts of receiving his education there.
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