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A photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and a man at Maggie Valley

A graduation photo of Fannie Gene Stover from Douglas High School

A photograph of Fannie Gene Stover sitting on a stone wall.

Photograph of Fannie Gene Stover and Betty MacFarland at a social event.

Photograph of Evelyn Stover-Hagler, daughter of Robert and Helen Stover, in front of a car.

Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard.pdf
Photograph of Ola Mae Machen and M. Ann Machen Pritchard

M Ann Prichard.pdf
M. Ann Pritchard playing the role of Nancy Ward in the outdoor drama "The Watuagans" and "The Lost State", 1989

M ann Prichard 2.pdf
Photograph of M. Ann Machen Pritchard in a news clipping

Patricia Bellamy was the 1st Black female Hired as Clerk Typist
by USDA Forest Service with the Cherokee National Forest, Elizabethton. 1977-1990

Benita Bellamy is crowned Miss ETSU in 1990
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