Nelson-Merry School History, Jefferson County, TN

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Nelson-Merry School History, Jefferson County, TN


Tennessee; African American women; African Americans--Appalachian Region; African American teachers--History; African American school children; African American school principals; African Americans--Education--Southern States; Schools--Records and correspondence; Student records---Extracurricular Activities- Athletics-Knoxville


Jefferson County
Julia T.


Julia T.


Black in Appalachia




Alona Norwood, Nelia Koontz, and William Isom II


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United States--Tennessee--Jefferson County

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The Legacy of Nelson Merry: A Pictorial History 1890-1965
Black and white photographs of students and teachers from Nelson-Merry school between the years of 1980-1965. Featured photographs are are follows: Mrs. Fitzgerald Elementary Department, Mrs. Edith Ingram Primary Department, Girl's Basketball Teams,…

Nelson-Merry Reunion: Home of the Lions June 27-28-29, 1980
Pamphlet for a Nelson-Merry Class Reunion.

Nelsenior 1943: published by the senior class of Nelson Merry High School
The 1943 yearbook of Nelson Merry High School is dedicated to the principal, N. A. Crippens. It begins with a foreword and pictures of the city and Thompson Hall. Contents include pictures of staff, faculty, classes, activities, athletics, features,…

Preserving the History of Jay Bird Hill
The history of Jay Bird Hill was funded through a project grant from Humanities Tennessee where volunteers interviewed 30 people and compiled the "Jay Bird Hill Story Project from the African American Perspective" and was put on exhibit at the…

Jay Bird Hill Story to Continue
The Jay Bird Hill Story Project funded by the Humanities Tennessee grant allowed African Americans and other community members of Jefferson City to look at its history, families, school and churches on display at the Jefferson CIty Public Library.…

Nelson Merry Yearbook 1949-50
The 1949-1950 Nelson Merry Yearbook is dedicated to the parents. It includes pictures of the P.T.A., the administration; and the classes. Written sections include the school song written by Alexander Gaither and Loftus Smith in 1933; a school and…

Fond Memories of Nelson Merry
Former student and local community member Julia Talifero is being interviewed about her experience at Nelson Merry School, life in general and how she found her way back to Jefferson City.

Nelson Merrian: 1951
The 1951 yearbook of Nelson Merry School is dedicated to the faculty. It includes information about the board of education, the senior class will and prophecies, a sports page, and a humor page. Group pictures include both the boys and girls…

Newspaper Article: When the Lions Went Bowling
Former Nelson Merry football players describe their experience and racial tension that occured in and around Jefferson City.Photographed in the first picture include Carl Mills, Ross Cunningham, and Ed Langston wearing NM shirts during a reunion.…

Newspaper Article: Nelson Merry's Impact
School spirit is still alive among school's former students. Julia Taliaferro of Jefferson County delights in collecting artifacts, books and histories. Taliaferro, like many of her friends and family is proud of her heritage and of the school from…
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