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Halls wedding photograph.pdf
Photographs from an album of Rudolph and Louetta Hall's wedding day in 1971 with handwritten captions

A photo of James Franklin Broyles (1855-1922) and Hester Broyles (1858-1932). They were married November 8, 1876 in Greeneville, TN.

Louetta Hall with coworkers and wedding gifts photograph.pdf
An undated photograph and caption of Louetta Hall and her coworkers in the Twisting Department, and Louetta is holding a wrapped gift following her recent marriage to Anderson Rudolph Hall

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Rudy and Louetta Hall photograph.pdf
A photograph of Louetta and Rudy Hall sitting at a banquet table for a formal occasion

Rudy Hall world's best golfers list.pdf
A photograph of a T-shirt listing the World's Best Golfers, including Rudy Hall, that was ordered by his wife Louetta to "amuse him" according to her handwritten note next to it

Rudy Hall's daughter's wedding photograph.pdf
A photograph of Rudy Hall walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding with a handwritten caption that reads, "Giving a daughter away in marriage"

Slaves of Daniel Stover (on Marriott paper); Family genealogy; Burials and dates.
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